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Audio Production

We understand that the quality of audio is crucial in capturing the essence and energy of a live performance. Our team of audio engineers and technicians work tirelessly to ensure that every note, beat, and lyric is faithfully reproduced, delivering a rich and dynamic sound experience for your viewers.

Audio 1

Technology is amazing, but the creative process requires more than just staring at screens and graphic equalisers. Most of the FPL team have worked as session musicians during their careers. We are all passionate about music and value creativity as much as technical competence.

Audio 2

Our audio engineer mixes your performance from an acoustically treated studio space from within our OB van. The separation allows our engineer to balance levels and apply post-production techniques to ensure a polished and professional sound in real time.

Audio 3

To achieve exceptional audio quality, we capture each channel of audio using award-winning MIDAS preamps. Our audio production setup consists of high-quality microphones, mixing consoles, and digital audio workstations, allowing us to capture the finest nuances of each instrument and vocal performance.

During live events, our skilled audio engineer carefully monitors your sound mix, adjusting levels, equalization, and effects in real-time to optimize the audio experience for your viewers. Whether it's a powerful guitar solo, thundering bassline, or soulful vocal performance, our team is committed to delivering an authentic and immersive sound that transports viewers straight to the heart of the concert.

Whether you're a music lover unable to attend a concert in person, an artist looking to reach a wider audience, or an event organizer seeking to expand the reach of your event, FatPigeonLive is here to help. Our audio production expertise and cutting-edge technology enable us to capture and deliver the magic of live music to viewers worldwide.