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Newberry & Verch
Scott Ralph

Award-winning banjo aficionado Joe Newberry has teamed up with fiddler April Verch. The duo called Newberry & Verch arrives in the UK this April.

Paprika Blues Band
Heidi Browne

These flamboyant rising stars of R&B on the stage at Blakey's in Newcastle with a live streaming music night of blues, jazz, rock and funk.

Heidi Browne

Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin are talented multi-instrumentalists taking the folk world by storm with their atmospheric soundscapes.

The Railsplitters
Heidi Browne

Colorado-based alternative bluegrass outfit live stream music from the Biddulph Up In Arms with support from local duo favourites Bakerfield.

Nikki Rous
Heidi Browne

Talented singer/songwriter Nikki Rous performs with complete conviction thanks to a rich, mellow voice and passionate delivery. She treated the FatPigeonLove audience to some of her most recent work, with the heartfelt acoustic passion for which she is known.

The Trials of Cato
Heidi Browne

Beirut seems an unlikely place to form a British/Celtic folk band, but the Lebanese loved The Trials of Cato and so will the UK.

Ray Butcher
Heidi Browne

FatPigeonLive pulled some amazing talent at their jazz-loaded live music session in the Audlem pigeon loft when Ray Butcher topped the bill.

Jim Kirkpatrick
Heidi Browne

Jim Kirkpatrick & Heavy Weather. Jim and his power-trio performed a number of killer originals from Jim's solo album Changed Priorities in a FatPigeonLive stdio session.


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