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Flight Case, Guitarist
Pete Marshall

Live music — as opposed to what? Dead music? Surely all music is live. Even coming at you in Aldi. On its last legs, perhaps but, still live.

Euros Childs House Arrest
Ian Haughey

One intrepid pigeon climbs the costal path to watch Euros Childs. His first solo(ish) tour for a couple of years. Live music from the wilds of Pembrokeshire.

Black Honey
Sophie McEvoy

Until now these British rockers have been spread their dreamy surf rock on music streaming sites. Now twelve tracks fully encapsulate the band.

Happy Soul Band
Emily Jones

Over the bank holiday weekend, the 17th annual Audlem Festival took place in and around the quaint South Cheshire village. For many, Audlem may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of places to host live music, poetry and community events.

Nantwich Jazz & Blues 2017
Emily Jones

Over the easter weekend, music filled the streets of Nantwich at the annual Jazz & Blues Festival held in an array of bars, clubs and other venues.

Katie Cassidy
Ian Haughey

Pigeon Fanciers we bring you some great news regarding Katie Cassidy. Katie performed at FatPigeonLive on her recent mini tour to the UK from Ireland and was well received at her gigs over in the UK. Ballina musician and performer Katie Cassidy, has only gone and scooped the JOE.ie Le Crunch Appl

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra
Emily Jones

Music is an extremely powerful tool. It helps to sooth wounds left by lovers, mend broken hearts, fix friendships and bring people together.

Bonnie motorbike poster
Ian Haughey

I'm not one for listening to music whilst riding the Bonnie out on the open road but I often have music playing whilst donning boots, jacket and helmet.

Emily Jones

The newly released Zuzu track 'What You Want' is exactly what you do want, a fresh, fun and foot-tappingly contagious song.

The Rainband
Heidi Browne

Manchester Indie favourites The Rainband headline this month's FatPigeonLive event of live streamed music on 4 March.

vinyl record on turntable
Mike Hancock

Despite some unquestionable advantages of CDs, sales of vinyl records are thriving and for some pretty good reasons too.

Goat Ropers
Ian Haughey

The Goat Roper Rodeo Band has been taking the country by storm as they breathe fresh life into the country genre in the UK.

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