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Music and Motorcycles, influences that go hand in hand, intertwining emotions, thoughts and creativity, expanding the boundaries pushing away the restrictive daily fences.

Pleasures that I am privileged to undertake on a daily basis, that was until recently, when my trusty Street Triple R gave up the ghost, and provoked a trip home on the back of a flatbed rescue truck. However, music soothed the soul, that and the late summer thunder storm that same evening.

Riding the Street Triple R brings its own jukebox of jazz, soul and rock, whereas when I sit astride my Bonneville the indie and folk vibes easily slip in. To give you an insight, I recently attended the Llangollen Fringe festival and caught up with three great performances from The Goat Roper Rodeo Band, Darren Eedens and The Felice Brothers. Music that conjures up open rough track roads and an ease of riding in summery hues across open countryside and coastal dunes on the burbling twin of the bonnie.

Check out the Felice Brothers videos with great imagery that belie the dark lyrics in their folky inspired foot tapping tunes. Great stories of hard lives delivered with distinctive vocals from across the band, and delivered in live performances few can match for intensity and vibrancy.

Picking up their new vinyl, Favorite Waitress (yep they are American) get this — a three sided album, in a beautifully crafted album cover reminiscent of sixties feel, these guys do retro so you don't know it's not everyday life, you can taste it. Having been introduced to them a few years back through a great track Frankie's Gun by good friend, world peace man, traveller and fellow musician Mike Waldron, I've never been far from their music on a playlist.

Bringing this quality to FatPigeonLive is a pipe dream that was inspired by bands of this quality, the Travelling Band, Rook and the Ravens, Garron Frith, the Reads, to touch on the tip of the iceberg. All great musicians that came to play on the back of local talent that wows the nation, a solid music scene. Next time the Felicies are over in the good old Blighty be assured the invite will be there.

For the other two mentions on the poster, The Goat Roper Rodeo Band, Darren Eedens, they deserve their own pages in FatPigeonLive, coming soon. If you want to know more about the joys of a bonnie in the meantime, head to

Till next time, ride 'em and dream



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