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Life at FatPigeonLive is an interesting mix of playing with cameras, sound equipment, trying things out, booking musicians and then finding somewhere to put them on.

The good bit is that whilst I'm rambling around this fair Isle of ours on my trusty stead I get to visit some great places putting on live music. One such place is the unique Druidstone Hotel built on a cliff over looking the sandy cove that is Druidstone Haven.

Set in 20 acres of a West Wales wild garden, this place has its own unique atmosphere, its like a second home, a feeling that is positively encouraged. Not wanting to become a travel blog, let me give you an insight in to what makes a venue.

Picture the recent winter festivities, you arrive early evening on a crisp winter's day beckoned in by the warm glow of lights, through the heavy front door to be welcomed by a bedecked hallway that is far from the usual festive baubles and hangings. A truly creative use of natural foliage and lighting, a warm crowd of punters milling about the hallway and various rooms filling the place with chatter and merriment, the warm welcome when we collect our tickets for tonights performance, and then down the stairs to the cellar bar and terraces with the open fires. You have arrived. Check out the Druidstone and its amazing staff on FB or click here.

Beer in hand we make our way back up the stairs to the room destined as the 'venue', an elegant drawing room with space for a nice sized audience, I'd say around about 50 plus people comfortably in for tonights treat and the place is buzzing.

With little in the way of any introduction Ben Mason kicks the evening off with his own self penned material to enthusiastic response from the audience which paves the way for tonights main act. Euros Childs on his first solo(ish) tour for a couple of years, and yes, in conjunction with the release of his new recording 'House Arrest'.

The performance area is set with numerous keyboards and a guitar, and ably accompanied by Rosie Smith, (aka Oh Peas! — don't ask — I have no idea) on keyboard, Euros Childs produced a stunning performance. Lyrically this set is filled with poignant observations and humour and laid over the retro synth and drum machine combo — excellent! Tracks also from House Arrest including an ode to a colander (My Colander), the joys of being in a coma (Happy Coma) cannibals dining at an all you can eat restaurant (Crystal and Misty) as well as directions to a whist drive (Whist Drive) you cannot failed to be entertained.

Playing here in Pembrokeshire is home ground for Euros, the Welsh musician and songwriter fronted the band he founded Gorky's Zygotic Mynci in the early 90's through to the early part of the millennium. House Arrest is released on the National Elf record Label, you may find that Euros is behind that as well, but treat your ears and your soul, well worth adding to your collection.

Getting back to the venue side of things, although you need a decent space for filming without excluding an audience there are a lot of really 'cozy' venues putting on some great music. I'm becoming a big fan of these spaces, especially if you can share the performance through the internettyfilm media thingy that we do, but people you need to get out there and pay a tenner... Keep it live.


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