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Normally the performers like to see a good write up following a gig, and if you can quote it all the better. Well this time round the promotor has been the one to receive the accolade from the performers. The Reads wrote "If Carlsberg did gigs, they'd probably be a lot like last night's in the lovely, warm, welcoming village of Audlem. We were spoilt rotten with the kind of professional set-up and attention a band can only dream of. Huge thanks to everyone involved at FatPigeonLive for putting on such a great night and to Lydia O'Dowd for an excellent support slot."

Wow, the World Famous Scout & Guide Hall venue really became alive with a full stage lit and wired up to deliver a stunning night of top music. Filmed live in front of a very appreciative audience two great performances, the first from Lydia O'Dowd, with a stunning stage presence performed a mix of covers and her owned penned work. Covering Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen material provided the benchmark for not only the quality of the vocals but the confidence to deliver them in her own creative manner. This showed the qualities of the 17 year old showcasing her owned self penned material. A strong, confident performance, more to come.

The Stage then echoes with 'Good Omens' as The Reads open their set. This is one tight band, quality musicianship, lyrically creative and glued together as a whole to produce their own unique sound. Pulling tracks from Stories from the Boarders album Chunky Truffle, Galaxy Egg and the emotional AMB and the recently released second album Lost at sea; the high flying Scarlet enjoying regular airplay on the likes of Jeremy Vines Radio 2 show and Janice Long. Shifting sands, Love or be Loved and Counting Greys to name a few more tracks from this acclaimed album. No gig would be complete without Avalon, (Oh Aud-le-mmm) and an encore, yes Spitting Feathers, a great brew and home for the Reads rehearsals.
Next up for The Reads is at the Live Rooms in Chester with one Finlay McQuaye on the same bill, 10th April.

I'd say that if Spitting Feathers did gigs, they'd probably be a lot like an FatPigeonLive gig, "they do?" "oh yes they do a gig at the brewery around July time". You may well find The Reads there. As for the FatPigeonLive. they'll be back very soon with another amazing line up, Live at the World Famous Scout & Guide Hall in Audlem.


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