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John Blek
Ian Haughey

John Blek — original folk songwriter based in Cork, Ireland. Delving into the world of fingerstyle guitar, influenced by the music of Ireland.

Flight Case, Guitarist
Pete Marshall

Live music — as opposed to what? Dead music? Surely all music is live. Even coming at you in Aldi. On its last legs, perhaps but, still live.

Euros Childs House Arrest
Ian Haughey

One intrepid pigeon climbs the costal path to watch Euros Childs. His first solo(ish) tour for a couple of years. Live music from the wilds of Pembrokeshire.

Wilcox:Hulse - All Change
Emily Jones

Ex Queensbury Rules duo Wilcox:Hulse finally release their long-awaited album debut All Change. Turn's out it's an absolute belter.

Wolf Alice
Sophie McEvoy

It only takes a fateful encounter to 'break the barrier' and become a band known across the world; Wolf Alice managed to do just that.

Alvvays album Antisocialites
Sophie McEvoy

For any band, four years between records can create major changes in an artists' sound. New experiences, painful breakups and vivid compositions.

L7 - Pretend We're Dead
Sophie McEvoy

With the release of the Sarah Price documentary, L7: Pretend We're Dead, what better time to look at the innovative album that started it all.

Jake Leg Jug Band Album Break A Leg
Emily Jones

A step back in time and a frankly irresistible sound on their new album Break A Leg that won't be out of place on your turntable.

Ex People album Bird
Sophie McEvoy

To hear them you'd think that Ex People had been around for years but the Bird album marks their debut on the New Heavy Sounds label.

Milk Teeth
Sophie McEvoy

From the first few bars of Owning Your Okayness, you can be sure that Milk Teeth's Be Nice is gonna be your alt-punk tipple of choice.

Ramones Rocket to Russia
Bob Cartwright

The Ramones was the first punk band, founded in 1976. The line-up is rock & roll at its basics — four chords, a cracking melody and crazy lyrics.

The Fray How to Save A Life
Bob Cartwright

The US Denver-based quartet The Fray hit these shores running with the instant classic first full-length album How To Save A Life.

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