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blood sugar sex magik red hot chili peppers
Bob Cartwright

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' fifth album Blood Sugar Sex Magik from 1991 is still considered by many to be their all-time best.

metallica black album
Bob Cartwright

Released in 1991, Metallica was the heavy metal outfit Metallica's fifth album and the best-selling with around 15 million copies clocked up in the States alone.

Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Bob Cartwright

Frank Zappa retreated to the studio with friends in 1969 and recorded this exceptional, mostly instrumental album. It was a showcase for his guitar playing; remarkably it still sounds as good as ever.

Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon
Bob Cartwright

Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon is an all-time great and In the US album charts for more than 33 years or 1,500 consecutive weeks.

Hanco vinyl records
Mike Hancock

Music DJ's and producers who still prefer vinyl for the combination of warm sound, clarity and depth.

Rolling Stones - Exile on main street
Bob Cartwright

Exile on Main Street gets many critics' vote as the best double album ever; 18 dark and dense numbers from the Rolling Stones.

Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly Angry Mob
Bob Cartwright

A band's second album is so often a hit and miss affair but Kaiser Chiefs don't disappoint with the follow-up to their mega-selling Employment debut.

Motorbikes on sea cliff
Ian Haughey

Hoc sits astride his trusty motorbike and joins his mates for a few days riding in the Yorkshire Dales. Oh, and a bit of drinking. Oh, and a bit of music.

album bob dylan blonde on blonde
Heidi Browne

Blonde On Blonde was Bob Dylans's first double album and came soon after the 'electric concert' in Manchester's Free Trade Hall.

Cob Records shop
Ian Haughey

There are somethings that are reassuring, take Autumnal mornings for an instance, a freshness in the air, mist floating over the fields punctuated by the shadows of the hedgerows and trees, the emergence of yellow and orange and red hues. An enthralling backdrop as I roll out the Bonnie for an ea

Triumph Motorbike
Ian Haughey

Music and Motorcycles, influences that go hand in hand, intertwining emotions, thoughts and creativity, expanding the boundaries pushing away the restrictive daily fences. Pleasures that I am privalaged to undertake on a daily basis, that was until recently, when my trusty Street Triple R gave up t

Maddy Storm
Ian Haughey

Well the FatPigeon is starting to take flight after months of behind the scenes work following the Reads gig, what a great night, and from your feedback, a great event all round. That spurred us on to start putting a programme of Live Sessions and Live Gigs together. We have on September 12th the fi

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