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It's not that I've been struggling to find something to write about regarding music, but one thing that came together for me recently was the sound of the female voice, not one, but two in a distinctive harmony.

The sound emanates from two people whose talent I have come to appreciate over the last few years, captured in a new recording that nails everything they are about.

Taylor & the Mason completed a Pledge Music Campaign to get this new CD out there.

In true FatPigeonLive style, I signed up, and for the whole kit and caboodle lot: the bag, the T-shirt, the knitted bobble hat, the jam and the CD, the poster and the badges. All duly arrived and I couldn't wait to hear the music.

T& the M's sound was there from the first track, and the quality of the recording is in a different league, well executed and very professionally engineered.

Their originality and style have never been in doubt, and the quality of this recording puts them where they deserve.

From the opening track Don't Wake Me Up, and I didn't want to be woken up from having this album on repeat, into Midas Touch and yes they have indeed applied the Midas touch.

I listed through Belly Of Winter, Devil In You to a long time favourite of mine Gin In Berlin, a song that entwines their musical performance with lyrics both dark and humorous, which feeds into Firefly, itself a dark illustrated tale.

You can lose yourself in the vocals of Sidepool before rocking with Alice. I love this tune live, and it is captured with all its energy here.

My Darling closes the album. Last but not least is an overworked phrase, but here is a work of lyrical artistry and the reason you will want play this album on repeat.

Listen to the Taylor & the Mason album on Soundclound


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