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FatPigeonLive is an independent platform for live original artists run by people who love music. We want to hear from musicians looking to get seen and heard. We offer recording sessions, filmed gigs, short films and much more. We want to hear from new artists looking to get started, rising bands who want to make a film and established artists looking for a promo.

We use the latest professional equipment for filming and recording. Artists can book their own private sessions, play before a live studio audience, record a Pigeon interview, pretty much anything really. Of course, all this costs us money and we need to claw some of it back. But our promise to bands is that we will never charge for appearing on our live sessions. We rely instead on advertising, sponsorship and our patrons. If you want to become a patron, click here.

If you are a band or solo artist and want your work seen, heard and loved by a bigger internet audience, just tell us about yourself on this form and we'll be in touch to see how we can help.


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