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L7 - Pretend We're Dead
Sophie McEvoy

With the release of the Sarah Price documentary, L7: Pretend We're Dead, what better time to look back at Bricks Are Heavy the innovative album that started it all.

Jake Leg Jug Band Album Break A Leg
Emily Jones

The Jake Leg Jug Band has a frankly irresistible sound on their new album Break A Leg that won't be out of place on your turntable.

Ex People album Bird
Sophie McEvoy

To hear them you'd think that Ex People had been around for years but the Bird album marks their debut on the New Heavy Sounds label.

Milk Teeth
Sophie McEvoy

From the first few bars of Owning Your Okayness, you can be sure that Milk Teeth's Be Nice is gonna be your alt-punk tipple of choice.

Ramones Rocket to Russia
Bob Cartwright

The Ramones was the first punk band, founded in 1976. The line-up is rock & roll at its basics — four chords, a cracking melody and crazy lyrics.

The Fray How to Save A Life
Bob Cartwright

The US Denver-based quartet The Fray hit these shores running with the instant classic first full-length album How To Save A Life.

Sophie McEvoy

Bleached are able to transport their listeners to their native California through the distorted, grunge and punk induced melancholia.

Bryan Ferry Dylanesque album cover
Bob Cartwright

Life went full circle for Bryan Ferry with his 2007 release Dylanesque. Hardly a surprise for a singer whose early career featured so many covers.

The Pogues Rum Sodomy and The Lash
Bob Cartwright

The Pogues blend passion and poetry to cement their reputation for delivering traditional Irish folk and hard-hitting punk in equal measure.

taylor  the mason album cover
Ian Haughey

Female voices in distinct harmony from Taylor & the Mason on their new CD, a recording that nails everything they are about.

album favourite worst nightmare arctic monkey
Bob Cartwright

The Arctic Monkeys ruffled feathers with this follow-up to their debut album. The Pigeons gave it a coo, albeit a muted one.

abum cover bob marley zippo catch a fire
Bob Cartwright

Catch A Fire was the first reggae album to make an impact on the international rock market in 1973. The content was both socially aware and militant.

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